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… I Now Have No More Shoulder Pain!”

Here is a real client testimonial from Cory Gibson, as seen on Google Reviews. Here is his story:

“I’ve been dealing with severe shoulder pain and numbness in my hands for nearly 10 years that I’ve learned to just deal with because no one could find a true source of the pain. A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Portillo because I have been unable to hold my newborn son for more than a few minutes at a time without having severe pain and was desperate for any help. I have had CT Scans, MRIs on my shoulder, countless x-rays, and even a nerve study with no real answers.

On our first visit we spent a lot of time talking, he wanted to not only understand what I thought was wrong with me but also have a solid understanding of my past and prior medical care so he could come to his own conclusion. During my visit, he asked if we could try something different.
I was willing to try anything for an opportunity to be able to hold my son. We started the normal routine starting at my neck, moving to my shoulder but then decides to go towards my bicep. I remember it vividly, he said “This is not supposed to be there”. Doc spent almost an hour with me not only helping me understand exactly where my pain had been coming from but even doing research on his computer to look at the specific part of the anatomy in my bicep. In my following visit, he not only had done a ton of research but even created a wellness/workout plan for me! He even took me outside where he could show me and make sure I properly knew how to do the exercises. To make this long story short, Dr. Portillo is a lot more than a Chiropractor and a lot more than Physical Therapy… he is someone who genuinely cares about you and your health, your life. As we work to rebuild the strength in my bicep, you read that correctly, not my shoulder, but my bicep; I am able to hold my little boy and comfort him when he needs me. Dr. Portillo gave me my life back!” – Cory Gibson, Cherokee Co. Resident, Patient of Dr. Portillo at Bridgemill Healthcare