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My nephew came in with lower back pain. After the exam and x-rays, I determined he needed to do some rehab exercises. This particular rehab program included a planking exercise. When I set him up in the proper form for the exercise, he could not hold the position. Not due to lower back pain, but due to shoulder pain.

I asked, “What is wrong with your shoulder?”


He had dislocated his shoulder playing basketball, several months earlier, and went to the Orthopedist. The Orthopedist set him up with some exercises to rehabilitate his shoulder.
Here is the point of the story. When I asked him if he did the shoulder rehab, his Mom gave him an immediate glance with a disapproving furrowed brow. My nephew replied, “No, I didn’t” with searching eyes, trying to find a good reason why not.

This story happens to be about a high school student, but I have seen this hundreds of times. With one spouse shooting a glance at their partner, or between my patients and I, then am the one with the furrowed brow.

You don’t have to be that person; it’s not too late. Make it right.

It’s very simple if you have a nagging pain. Maybe it just pops up once in a while but still too often. We have a solution.

It does hurt to not ask for help and not to get treatment for an injury because the problem can get worse.

Call me up and we can chat over the phone about the physical problem you are having and what to do. (770) 704-4580.

– Dr. Portillo