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Stress Relief is Available!

Everyone knows that stress release is one of the most important parts of living healthy. Many healthcare offices express that they relieve stress but which one. Yes, there are three types of stress.

Physical Stress Pressures placed on your muscle and joints due to injury, work, exercise, poor posture, bright lights, noise and misalignment. Chemical Stress Poor diet, chemicals in our environment, cleaning supplies, caffeine and alcohol. Emotional Stress Conflict with others, taxes, “making ends meet”, losing a job, work promotion, marriage, divorce and children responsibilities.
It would be impossible to list them all. The experience of stress, however, is related to how you respond to these stressors. One person’s stressor can be another person’s motivator. Having a positive attitude, taking a balanced approach to life’s ups and downs, and visiting our office are just some of the ways that people can alleviate stress. We are often told by our patients that the time spent at our office is one of the best parts of their day. Why? A standard visit at our office includes muscle release, stretching, laughing, heated weight, low-pressure environment and realignment. We will often be discussing weight loss ideas or just laughing about a goofy thing our dogs did. Our office is relaxed and stress-free. If you are feeling tense, stressed, in pain or know a friend who could use the help, take advantage of our $47 first visit offer to experience all the benefits a stress-relieving visit at our office. Give us a call.