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Desire to Help


“Dr. Portillo, the Nurse Practitioner, Laura and the rest of the office staff are wonderful. They are accessible through voice mail when the office is closed and always return my call shortly after I leave a message. My son and I are patients. The physical therapy I received for osteoarthritis type issues worked wonders for me and the MRI they ordered because my son was having sharp pains in his head revealed that he needed to see an ENT. They never trivialize any issue we have and follow through on what they tell you they are going to do.”
– Maria Loyd

Thank You


“Thank you for the awesome staff! I sleep better, perform better, and am a better person to all because of your office staff! This is the best care I’ve ever had since we’ve moved here since 1987! Hats off to Dr. Robert Portillo and Christy, great office staff too! They always get me right in. They are so polite! I love them like they are family!”
God Bless – Jean Marie L.

Above and Beyond!


“I came here because of my desperation for help and at the insistent recommendation from a friend who had received much relief! I had spent so much time and money trying physical therapy, but to no avail…in fact, I was worse! Dr. Portillo and his staff are incredible. They offer such an EFFECTIVE combination of evaluation, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, etc. I am so thankful to the Lord for getting me to BridgeMill Family Healthcare…Go see them–you too will be thankful you did!”
– Lori Grueninger

Pleased New Patient


“I have dealt with lower back and leg pain and I was so surprised with not only the kindness of every staff member but the relief of pain and continued progression of just feeling good.”
– Steve Giltz

Thanks for being there!


“We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the excellent treatment that we receive at your clinic. As you know, Davy and I have received care from every aspect of your clinic from the nurse practitioner to therapeutic massage to physical therapy including exercises we can do at home. We have been absolutely satisfied with the care you’ve given. You and everyone on your staff goes above and beyond. Thanks for being there. We’re glad we found you when we moved to Georgia!”
– Davy & Martha Crockett

Love This Place!


“The HCG diet program, combined with the expert care and guidance of the Bridgemill Family Healthcare staff, is a winning combination. I was able to drop a quick 12lbs in 30 days over the Christmas/New Years Holiday season. I\’m ready resume my cardio program at this point. As mentioned, the staff is supportive, friendly and very knowledgeable. They really do make it an easy, stress-free process,…I look forward to the weekly weigh-ins.”
– Brian Williams

Awesome Healthcare!


“I am feeling significantly better after just a few massage and physical therapy sessions. The entire staff is so helpful and friendly. They offer personalized attention to each patients specific needs. I highly recommend this practice.”
– Carol Stratton

Great Place!


“I came here for the HCG diet program. It has been great! The people here are so helpful and nice! They always remember me & accommodating. I also lost 50lbs and am feeling better than I have in years! I recommend Bridgemill Family Healthcare.”
– Julie