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At Bridgemill Family Healthcare, clients can expect a wide variety of state of the art services and modern testing techniques. Our methods guarantee to yield only the most precise and accurate results in order to diagnose your condition and help you recover.

This is a complete list of our services specially done on-site:

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound. We use a radiation free and painless method to accurately survey the internal structures based on sound waves. Read More…
  • X-rays. Our technologists are especially trained to use the least amount of radiation possible in order to help diagnose your internal injuries through x-rays. Read More…
  • Vascular Screenings. Early vascular health tests are instrumental in determining patients who have atherosclerosis. This is the condition which hardens arteries which can lead to impaired blood flow to the legs, stroke and heart attacks. We employ a painless and simple method to extract fast and accurate results.
  • Functional and Performance testing. We offer a comprehensive series of tests for the assessment of a patient’s capacity for physical activities.
  • Hormone and Adrenal Testing. Our exact method is made up of saliva tests that assess our patient’s Cortisol rhythm as well as their DHEA-S average.