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bridgemill-tech-neckThe work force of today has changed. I am sure that you are aware of the fact that more and more people work from computers and sit at a desk than at any other time in our culture. The long hours at the computer and sitting at a desk are taking its toll on our upper body. Specifically, it effects the upper neck and shoulders. Not only do we not get enough exercise on a weekly basis, but now we have to combat the effects that long hours of sitting has on our body. Sitting for hours at a time causes us to slump over, and pulls our neck forward, and puts pressure on the neck and spine. This has brought about the term “Tech Neck”.

What happens if you have tech neck? You will feel a tightening in your neck and shoulders, and over time your shoulders start to curve over (curving forward). After several years of sitting like this, it has the ability to change the curve of the neck and upper spinal column. This can cause a number of problems like numbness in the arms, headaches, muscle spasms, loss of motion in the neck, and inability to lift heavier objects.

What is Text Neck? Text neck is similar, since it is also caused by hours of looking down at cell phones or tablets and thus causing the back to curve over, the posture to slump, and the head to droop. It effects the shoulders and neck areas. It can also cause headaches, backaches, and curving of the spine.

What can you do to reverse the damage and stop more damage from occurring to your spine? At Bridgemill Family Healthcare, we can help you with a plan to stop the damage and help correct your posture and realign your spine. We can give you at-home exercises, do in-office therapy with you to loosen and help strengthen muscles, and offer regular adjustments to help ease your pain and return your body to a stronger and healthier position. We have years of experience dealing with neck and back injuries and would love to offer help to you!

Make an appointment today to begin feeling relief from Tech-neck and Text-neck. A change in your health will improve your life!