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Many people may suffer from allergies without ever realizing that they have a treatable allergic condition. Some symptoms can be very obvious, such as sneezing on a high pollen day or after exposure to a cat. But other symptoms can be chronic (on-going), such as recurrent upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, ear infections, headaches, joint pain and fatigue. These symptoms may go unrecognized as being caused by an allergy.

We use Allergy Immunotherapy to strengthen the body’s immune system and increase your tolerance to unavoidable allergens. Unlike medications that provide temporary relief, allergy immunotherapy does not mask symptoms, but can actually improve the course of allergic disease for the long term.

Allergy immunotherapy is particularly good for allergy symptoms that cannot be controlled by avoidance or medications. As well as, allergy sufferers who have unacceptable side affects with medications and people who want to reduce their use of long-term medications.”
Chrissy Tyler – Family Nurse Practitioner

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