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How we can help you get amazing WEIGHT LOSS results!

Our program is centered on the premise that when you’re HEALTHY you will be SLIM.

“We get Healthy to Lose Weight. Not Lose Weight to get healthy.”

This is not a quick, all-or-nothing weight loss program that lasts only a month. Our Healthy Lifestyle Change is a complete 12-week transformation. Over this time we will help you develop new eating and behavior habits. We will explain to you how many of your weight problems are actually not your fault. They are tied to your HORMONES and how your body reacts to the immediate changes caused by when and how often you eat.

The facts are that 97% of named diet fads and wham bam one-month programs fail.
Our program is based on the NEWEST SCIENCE related to weight loss. The studies clearly show that the Low Fat, Calories in/Calories out and Move More -Eat Less ideas are outdated and just don’t work. As a matter of fact, studies show that those ideas have made America one of the most unhealthy and obese countries in the world over the last 30 years.

Your Healthy Life Style Change with us will not only melt away the pounds but results have shown increased fitness, decreased pain, better sleep, increased energy, and reduced anxiety and depression.

You’re not alone. We are there every step of the way. To help you with that burning question: WHY am I about to eat again? Is it boredom, sadness, anxiety or something else? We have the tools to get you through the rough patches.

Muscle Release Therapy, Appetite Suppressants, Fat Burner Injections, Vitamin B Supplementation, Cook Books and more. It’s all included.

Bridgemill Family Healthcare is ready to serve you with the latest technology and hospitality of a local healthcare provider.